Dynamic Data, Seamlessly Integrated

Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it simple to centralize data coming from all your data sources in one location, and consolidate consumer activity, wherever it happens, through a single consumer profile.

Rapid Onboarding & Integration
Merge our platform with your entire martech stack in weeks, not months
Multiple Active Data Sources
Make all of your data consolidated and actionable, with quick and seamless integration
360° View Customer Data Profiles
Get a full data picture of every customer, to drive intelligent actions at scale

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Featured Applications

  • Import, centralize, and export your data, for every source

    Make data exchange a breeze, with customizable real-time and batch transfers that can easily be handled by your marketing team.

  • Go way beyond what your CRM system can do

    Link behavioral and situational data from every customer touchpoint, with 360° view customer data profiles.

  • Easily sync with your e-commerce, CRM, mobile, and display partners

    Create customizable integrations with any 3rd-party system, to keep all of your data unified.

  • Our partner network helps you get Selligent Marketing Cloud going fast

    Changing systems is daunting no more, with our proven, partner-driven method for successful migration. Get Selligent Marketing Cloud up and running faster, so you can reap the benefits sooner.

Our powerful technology helps you make marketing personal.

  • Open Architecture
  • Sophisticated, Extensible Data Integrations
  • Data Flexibility
  • Data Protection and GDPR/CCPA
  • OOTB & Custom Connectors
  • Intuitive APIs

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